kimochi Sho-Pet

2009-01-09 16:21:08 by SOULANGEL

In the late 90's when SNK was about to stop making there home arcade system the NEO-GEO they shipped out a thank you gift to all the top 100 loyal American video gamers who were apart of the NEO-FAN CLUB. In that box was a magical Japanese "kimochi Sho-Pet." This wonderful pet was soft, smelt like vanilla cake, it never shed; It didn't need to be fed conventional pet food it just needed a supply of protein in its feeding hole in the rear. It never poops just leeks marshmallow cream from its mounds on its back! It played all neo geo fighting games and told you all the moves for every character. Sadly they are no more, it caused relationship breakups, gamers never left there rooms for weeks at time. So it was banned it the U.S. and recalled back to Japan. =(

kimochi Sho-Pet


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2009-01-09 16:22:20

That picture is just amazing!!

SOULANGEL responds:

Thanks man! I had lots of fun doing this piece =P. My inspirations were Samurai Showdown and girly parts lol!


2009-01-09 19:17:10

Great artist man. I just checked out your DA site, and wow, you got some great stuff. Keep it up man :)

SOULANGEL responds:

thanks.. ill keep the WACOM tablet busy! ;)


2009-01-11 11:11:23

Awesome art.. :3

SOULANGEL responds:

THANKS... I had a lot of crazy things i wanted to add, but i didnt want it to be to crazy! lol!